Mudroom lockers

April 6, 2016

When we built our house we had a huge mudroom closet put in instead of a walk-in butler’s pantry.  We felt like this would be a nice place to put shoes and coats when you come in from outside.  Definitely a useful space, but the installed wire racks that were in there were a pain, and the coats on hangers were ruining the paint on the walls.

I browsed around a bit and figured out that I wanted to make lockers for everyone in the family (2 adults, and 3 kids).  I wanted to make them practical and personal, so I laid out the space, divided it appropriately, and started working.

Unfortunately, I don’t have all of the pictures for this, but when I get to a step that I do have one, I’ll add it.

First, I tore out the wire coat racks that were in there, and patched the holes (kind of).  I knew that I was going to be covering those with a thick beadboard, so I didn’t have to spend a ton of time on that.  I cut the sheets to width, and put them up using liquid nails and brad nails.  NOTE:  If you are using brad nails with a compressor here, make sure the pressure is perfect.  This beadboard is thick and you need it to be able to go through it, but not destroy it.

Next, I built the bottoms out of birch plywood, and the bench is actually double width.  I screwed and glued the bottom “cubbies” for shoes to the bottom layer of bench.  I screwed the top “lockers” to the top portion of bench, to completely hide any screw heads, plus it really bolstered the bench.  You can see there is a butt joint on the bench where the two pieces come together, but I couldn’t think of a way to do it without it.


You can also see in the picture, there is an “extra” locker in the corner as well.  This now has shelves and is used to store things like paper towel, etc.  Looking back on it now, it would have been a perfect spot to use the Kreg Jig for pocket holes.  This thing has become a life saver for me.


For the top I actually built two spots for baskets, which I got at IKEA and specifically built the sections the correct size to fit those baskets.  Everything was secured to the wall, through the beadboard using L brackets and screws, attempting to hit the studs.


I chose to stain the bench to contrast with the white paint and beadboard, which I think turned out nicely.  I used two heavy coats of Minwax Cherry, and about 5 coats of Minwax wipe-on polyurethane.



Not a huge project, but definitely made this closet more functional and gives everyone a spot to hang coats, backpacks, and put on shoes.

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