Build simple storage out of your wall studs

May 5, 2016

My oldest son is obsessed with legos.  And I mean obsessed.  We were running out of places to put the ones that he had built, and he likes to take miscellaneous pieces and construct random things.  He wanted somewhere to put them until he got tired of them.  I needed a decent amount of storage and I didn’t feel like building a bunch of shelves, so I utilized the hollow, uninsulated wall between his and his sisters’ room.

First, I decided how big I wanted it to be, and I went with a 4 “cavity” length and about 3 feet of height.  I simply drew my lines, and using a stud finder, scored the drywall with a box cutter.  Using a hammer I popped the drywall out, and if you are careful, it will almost come out in one piece.


For the shelves, I did a few things.  I pre-built the shelves out of craft pine, and some thin pine backing.  The issue is you have to measure each cavity individually as you are essentially at the liberty of the builder whether the studs are evenly spaced.  Mine weren’t.  After building each box, I glued and screwed it into studs on each side to hold it tight.  I made mine deep enough to be flush with the trim board. Looking back, it would have saved a lot of caulk had I made it flush with the drywall and put the trim over everything.


Second I trimmed it out with select pine, cutting 45 degree angles with the miter saw for a cleaner look.


I then used my handy Kreg shelf jig and drilled sets of holes for shelf pins to be inserted.  This step takes a LONG time, but allows you to change the size of the shelves over time as your kid’s interests changes.  One day it’s legos, the next day it’s trophies.

Lastly, added some white paint against the freshly painted wall…and TONS of display space for creative things!


Enjoy, and happy building.

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